Design / Art Direction / OCT 2023

Each year, Love Your Melon celebrates Halloween with themed releases. This year, we featured two exciting collections: Harry Potter and Peanuts. I led the design and art direction for the campaign, creating new spooky-inspired icons to enhance the theme.

Love Your Melon (est 2012) has been dedicated to improving the lives of children battling cancer. The mission began with a simple goal: to put a hat on every child fighting cancer in America. After achieving the goal of distributing 45,000 hats, Love Your Melon set a new target to donate $1 million to pediatric cancer research and support children and their families. They have donated over $9.8 million and provided over 270,000 hats to children battling cancer.

Nixed r001 Design Thoughts

Lifestyle Photography by Hannah Schwob & Fontaine Rittelman
Studio Photography by Rasun Mehringer